Jacobsen Pinot Noir Infused Sea Salt 2.75oz

The Pinot Noir Infused Sea Salt is the Pure Flake Sea Salt taken up an infused notch! Infused with Oregon Pinot Noir to create rich aromatics and sweet red fruit flavors. This salt will add depth to any steak, roast or burger. It's also perfect to add to red sauces and berry desserts or salads. 


How is this salt made:

  • Seawater is pumped from Netarts Bay in Oregon
  • It is boiled and reduced to a thick brine
  • Using custom pans, the brine is heated creating beautiful flake salt
  • The flakes are dried, hand-graded and sorted
  • Then sent on to Portland for packaging

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Pinot Noir

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No Antibiotics
No Added Growth Hormones
100% Vegetarian Fed
Pasture Raised
Never in a Feedlot